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Just wanted to tell you that we have the City Mini and we LOVE it. It's an awesome stroller. It is beyond easy to fold up, and is not heavy at all. The sunshade is larger than any stroller I've seen. If you get it, I'd recommend getting the parent console. I hated that it didn't come standard, but it was well worth the $25. Just thought I'd share my rave review!


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  • Thanks for the review!  I was sold on it as soon as I watched a video on the website on how easy it folds up and that it only weighs 17lbs.  I haven't test drove it yet, but so far I think it meets all of our needs.  I think we'll also get the infant seat converter bar.  I know it's around $50, which is almost as much as a Snap-n-Go, but it's one less stroller to have around! 

    Do you typically use the City Mini at the mall?  Do you find it being too wide?  I would love a Bob, but honestly I feel like it's too big for shopping trips as a main stroller.  And for something that $$ I can't imagine it not being our main stroller.  

    And thanks for the suggestion of the parent console.  A few cons of the reviews I read were that the parent console didn't come with it,but no big deal to buy it separately.

  • No problem!
    I feel that it is a very good size for a main stroller. It isn't huge like the BOB, and yes, we take it on shopping trips, and it maneuvers very well. I definitely don't find it to be too wide, unless an aisle is super narrow, which would be a problem with any stroller. In fact, we took it to Disney World, and it was awesome. For us, it is the perfect size and we've just been very happy with it. 

    Buy Buy Baby has them in store, but BRU does not. We actually registered for ours sight unseen because like you said, the video showing how it folds up sold us. 


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