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Happy, happy, happy New Year!!!

I love you girls and hope you all have a fab NYE(even if it involves nothing more than changing diapers) Wink

Re: Happy, happy, happy New Year!!!

  • Happy New Year to you!

    We'll be eating delicious leftover jambalaya and opening something yummy from  the wine cellar stash.

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  • Happy New Year! First time in many years that I'll be spending NYE in my own home, but I couldn't wish for better company with DH and DD.

    Though I'll probably be sleeping before midnight anyway!


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  • Extended family left today (no comment).

    John, Jace, and I will be eating dinner, drinking wine (him) and two beers (me- cheap date), and then playing Call of Duty on xbox. lol The old me would have thought that was lame. The new me thinks in sounds dreamy.

    Happy 2010 Girls!

  • Oh, Jenn... Congrats on the peace and quiet. :o) I hope it was relatively (pun intended) uneventful.

    Happy New Years to you ladies also! We are having a movie marathon since the baby is teething and goes down at about 6 pm right now.

    We rented all the Austin Powers movies and the Bourne movies. We are going to sit around and eat pizza and watch movies until the ball drops. Then we have a b-day party for my soon to be 18 year old.

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  • Happy New Years Everyone!!!

    We put the mattress from the pull-out in the living room and we're having a movie sleep-over until midnight!  Lots of pillows and blankets for the children. The kids are sooo excited to stay up until midnight, and i'm excited to snuggle with DH on the couch.

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  • Happy New Year All!!


    I have a couple posts in mah blog re: NYE  as it is also our anniversary :-)

    I have been making pork & sauerkraut all day long. This morning I made a  trip to the Safeway to get blackeyed peas. I didn't make either of these last year and look what happened! Never again.

    I have the food of my people, my new Frnaklin Covey planner, my fam and some dear friends to drink great champagne (Roderer as our contribution) and wine (I know our friend scored a Beaux Freres pinot from her fathers cellar - sahweet!) with.

    Best wishes all!


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  • Happy New Year! We are staying home with our 2 week old! I am enjoying a glass of wine!
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  • Love to you too!

    Happy New Year! Have a great evening. I am at home with my family, getting ready to change a pee-poo diaper and there is no place I'd rather be. Yes

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  • Wishing everyone the very best 2010 with happiness, prosperity and most of all great health!  love you all!


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  • Happy New Year, everyone!

    In bed, on the MacBookPro, at 11:20... and barely managing to stay awake.  Has been a heck of a day and I hope 2010 brings peace, health and happiness to us all.


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  • Happy New Year to you all. We did nothing. I kind of lost track of what day it was. What I wanted to make originally was Lobster Pasta. What I ended up making was pork chops. Blah! No desert either. :(

    We were asleep by 11:00. Weren't sure what we were in for with DD being sick.

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