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BWing Success! and an AW for my family...

So here's the BWing success:

I got a Babyhawk for Christmas and DD loves it (as do I).   It is so fast to put on once I got used to it and so much more convienent than a stroller.  It is my first real baby carrier...I have a Bjorn but that hit the closet floor pretty soon due to shoulder and back pain when I used it.  Anyway, today I was shopping while wearing DD and she got sleepy and fell asleep in it.  I mean she was OUT.  She has never been a great napper so this is I need to learn to take it off without waking her up.  The only downside...when she did wake up, I had a huge wet spot in the front of my shirt where she drooled Stick out tongue

Now my family AW:

They are so AP and don't even know it.  My mom got me the Babyhawk (at my request) and when I tried it out she thought it was awesome.  Especially after DD gave a big ol' smile while cuddled up to me.  She set up the PNP in her room while we were visiting for Christmas to "give us a break."  Guess where DD ended up every night?  That's bed with G'ma.  (Don't worry, I made sure the set-up was safe and she is a very light sleeper).  DD barely gets a cry out before my mom is at her side, tending to her.  And my brother tried out the Babyhawk with DD.

I just thought I would brag a little since I don't post very much (but I do lurk a lot) Wink

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Re: BWing Success! and an AW for my family...

  • Yay! Supportive family is the best.
  • That's awesome your family is so supportive. I have a babyhawk too and love it! I feel like it's a great carrier that "grows" with your kid-DD enjoys it as much now as she did when she was 4 mo.
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  • YAY! I love my BH! DS loves to nap in it! And YAY for supportive family!
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