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Postpartum Depression

BFing and depression meds

I'm bipolar and have been depressed for a good bit of my life. I was taken off of everything  but Wellbutrin during pregnancy. Now I'd really like to go back on Depakote...or something, but I'm worried about BFing. However, I realized my moods and ability to cope are of the utmost importance.

For everyone taking meds, are you still able to BF?

I've really really got to get to my psychiatrist soon. I keep putting up a front for my OB and DH. Not sure why, but I kinda feel like I'm on the edge about to go over. I don't have negative thoughts about LO, just about myself. But, they're getting progressively worse. 

Re: BFing and depression meds

  • I am sorry that you are having trouble.  It is hard having a new baby.  Your doctor won't let you take Depakote and nurse your baby. It is one of those things that you will have to think about it and decide if you can handle it for a while to nurse, or if you need to go back on the meds. There is no easy choice!

    Please, please call your doctor.  Don't spend this time while your baby is so tiny feeling sick.  It isn't worth it.

  • talk to your doctor and INSIST they advocate the best treatment for you not just be assumption on what is good but by actual medical research and fact!!!!!.

    I had my doctor literally spend a few days researching and consulting with the top professionals on how safe some medicines are.  She went to an independent symposium conference at Harvard regarding PPD and PPA in women and the medicines that can help.  She was shocked to learn that most of them (even some very few psychostimulants) were ok under guided moderation.

    Also, come to find out that for some meds that I am on, the amount is so trace in BM it hardly shows up.  The scare statistics you DO read and see are brought on by a number of people who have had bad experiences with medicines and BM and pre-existing illnesses that cannot even be determined if the PPD meds caused it.

    For my meds, the maximum timing it appears is 6 hours after I take the medicine and I can pump and dump the 1st ounce if I really feel bothered by it.

    I didn't feel too concerned about such limited amounts, so my baby is breastfed (also I pump) whenever he needs it.  I am on Cymbalta and .25 Klonopin.  I will be weening off Cymbalta shortly and put on Prozac

    Get your facts straight and get the appropriate help! Good Luck

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