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Where do you order?  Any with free shipping??

Thanks in advance!!

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  • there are quite a few... i like


        i use Jillian's Drawers site to read reviews but order elsewhere cause of shipping cost and google for coupon codes.

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  • I really like Jillian's Drawer's.  Good prices and customer service.  They also have a trail package that looks great.
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  • In addition to the others listed above,

    Most have free shipping with a minimum order. 

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  • momsmilkboutique and abbyslane also have free shipping.
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  • I really like pittsburgclothdiapers. 

    She often has free shipping and other deals.  The two times I have placed an order they had shipped the same day, because I had the box at my door in three days.  Once I ordered a style she was out of and she emailed me within 5 minutes of placing the order asking if she could swap colors. Can't beat that customer service!

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  • I registered at Kelly's Closet (a pp put up the link) but I actually ended up buying most of mine from a local store called Tiny Tots. I got several different styles and brands so we can see what works before I actually stock up with a lot. If you've got somewhere local that has a good selection, that's what I'd suggest. Especially if they have helpful staff.

    If not - then online is the way to go and youtube has GREAT videos for learning how to do the flat and prefolds.


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  • I think Banana Peels diapers has great customer service, great prices, good selection, free shipping over $50. 

    For prefolds, I only go to Green Mountain Diapers, though.  They are the best, IMO. 

  • Abby's Lane has free shipping, I like ordering from them.
  • has free shipping and right now a promo code - dec10
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