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When do you put them in the bumbo seat? When they have neck control? and trying to sit up?


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  • I'm pretty sure the box says 3 months and up.. We put DD in it for 30 seconds here and there just to try it out, while supporting her head though. Even though she already has good head control, it's different when they're sitting up like that and it puts a strain on them.
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  • As soon as they can hold their head up you can use it. Some kids its 3 months and  some kids its 2 months.
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  • we were told 5 months by his therapist?? i put him in it just to try and it was ok but you could tell his muscles were straining.
  • The website says they may be able to use it as early as 8 weeks depending on their head control. 
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  • We started using it shortly before DD turned 3 mo old. That is when she had good neck control and wanted very badly to sit up all the time. Until she got stronger, she was only ever in there for a couple of minutes at a time.
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