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Bad Gas!!

The pedi. told us it's normal for babies to have gas...duh.  But, my DD screams, kicks her feet, contorts her body in all the crazy positions, scrunches her feet up, etc. with her gas.  Like she needs to push it out but can't.  I feel so bad for her, we try bicycling her legs to help.  Anyone else experiencing this?

Re: Bad Gas!!

  • Yes!!!! and i feel so bad for our little girl b/c she seems to be in so much pain. ?we have a bottle of infant gas x but i'm afraid to give it to her. ?i feel like i burp her to much to get everything out but have trouble getting anything to come out. ?wish i could help, doc just says it'll pass.
  • Yes! My son experiences the exact same thing.  I have been giving him mylicon at every feeding and sometimes in between and doing the bicycling too. He can be sound asleep one minute and then the next screaming in pain.  I had switched formulas about 3 weeks ago and my pedi keeps telling me to give it time...but how long should my son suffer like this..ya know.

    What formula are you using?  We are using Similac sensitive and it is supposed to be for fussiness and gas...but it doesn't seem to be working.

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  • Yep.  DD has this too.  Pedi told us to use baby Mylicon when it's really bad and to just deal with it when it's controllable.  We switched to Enfamil Gentlese last week and it's helped a little.  Other than that we lay her on her stomach when we're there to watch her so that she doesn't have to strain so much to get it out.
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  • DD gets gas a lot... we've started giving her Ovol drops (like mylicon drops) and they seem to help. When she's really bad, DH will... well, not exactly bicycle her legs, but he takes one in each hand, moves them up and down really fast, and then pushes her knees into her chest. Usually when he pushes her knees into her chest, she farts. It's kinda funny watching and listening to it, really. Having her on her stomach or sitting upright helps, too. Speaking of which, he's doing it right now, and she just totally farted on him Big Smile
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