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Another Day Care post...a suggestion

I hate the idea of "normal daycare" and the germs scare the life out of me.  I have been thinking of going the nanny route for next year and started doing some research on

I had looked at it in the past and there are some great people on there.  Today I noticed they have a special needs provider search.  It gives you people that are experienced with lots of different issues.  One of mine was food allergies, but it has anything from delays to more pervasive conditions.

For example, I found a newly graduated RN that has experience with preemies who is looking for a pay between $10 -15

Just thought I would share...

Re: Another Day Care post...a suggestion


    I need to start looking for a nanny but have been putting it off because I had no idea where to start.

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  • I was way impressed with the results I found.  One RN, one BSW, and 2 preemie moms (with older teenage preemies)...very impressed!  It's free to look, you only pay if you want to contact the providers.
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