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Are there any charters out there??

I am wanting to start charting again in the new year now that I am getting 9 hours of blissful sleep at night. I can't remember the rules on using an electric blanket, does it mess w/your body temp? I usually start with it on and turn it off sometime in the night or before I go to sleep.



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Re: Are there any charters out there??

  • as long as it's not on when you temp :)  & it's been shut off a few hours, of course.

    so if you're using it to warm the bed & then shutting it off when you crawl in, you're golden. 

  • we chart.

    i agree a/b the e-blanket.
    I always wonder about the house/outdoor temp too. Sometimes i wake up cool/cold or hot.
    DS also sometimes wakes up at 5am or 6am (but goes back down) so i have been up with him w/o temping first. i brake all the "temping rules."
    luckily i have a very regular cycle and can tell when i O.

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