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cautiously optimistic

I have decided to come on out and tell you ladies that I am once again expecting baby #3!!  I am 12 weeks 3 days and we heard a strong heartbeat on the doppler at my appointment yesterday.  Hopefully I will be having a baby in early July!

 I also found out at my appointment that I have a MTHFR mutation and I am seeing a specialist for that next week.  Hopefully we will come up with a course of action so that I can carry the baby to term.

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Re: cautiously optimistic

  • Congratulations and lots of well wishes for a healthy pregnancy! 

  • Congratulations!  I hope all goes well.  I don't know what that mutation is, but I'm sending all sorts of good vibes to you.
  • Yay, congrats, and good luck!! :-)
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  • hoping all is healthy in the months to come! and congrats!
  • aw, congratulations, I hope this one sticks!
  • Conrats, that's wonderful news!!!  :)
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  • congrats! i wish you the best of luck and a healthy pregnancy for you and your baby. and, wow...three!! you are brave!
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  • That's fantastic, congratulations to you!!!!
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  • YAY!!! are very brave to have a 3rd..I am still trying to figure out how I am going to handle 2!!!! Surprise
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  • congrats and good luck! the world could definitely use a third child as adorable as your first two : )
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  • Congratulations, and lots of wishes for a healthy pregnancy.  :)
  • Congrats! And wish you a happy and healthy 9 months. We are still trying to adjust to having 3, it was a lot more work for us then going from 1 to 2 but it is so much fun!
  • Congratulations!!! I'm sure this one will be another perfect addition to the already adorable family you have.
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  • Congrats!!  I have a prothrombin gene mutation (in the clotting family - my sister has the same one you have) so if you have questions feel free to ask :)  I am being treated both to prevent clots and for little one. 
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  • Congratulations, Lauren!  That's so exciting!
  • Congratulations on pg #3 and welcome back!
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  • Congrats Lauren! You're a brave lady having them so close ;)
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