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I think you told me you took estrace after your ET.  My question is did you stop taking it after you had your BFP confirmed by beta. I didn't think to ask the nurse earlier when she called with by beta.  I hate that they are closed and that stupid bottle scares the crap out of me because it says don't take while pregnant.
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Re: kimarino13

  • I'm not kim, and I did not take Estrace after ET. But I did take estradiol via Vivelle patches, and I specifically asked after my beta if I should stop. They said no, and told me that they'd tell me if they ever want me to stop something. I just finally stopped last week, after my ultrasound. 

    If you're scared, though, you should call the on-call doc to be sure. They get questions like this one all the time. 

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  • My RE still has me on my estrace and a vivelle patch. He told me yesterday that I may be on both for several more weeks. I say stay on them.
  • I took the estrace (all three pills) until 11w0d.  I would keep taking it!  Don't worry about what the bottle says.  It says that on progesterone, too!

    After 2 rounds of IVF & 2 rounds of FET, we were blessed with identical twin girls!

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  • Thanks so much ladies! That is exactly what I thought. I just got my refill for the morning. I also put a call into the RE but not sure if they will check messages tomorrow.
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