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oh my you DID get soooo lucky. I am sure you googled and you know! Mine was discovered right before my third tri. Peri decided I should go straight to the hospital for the remainder of my pg. eeek. Then by the end of our visit she changed her mind and decided to put me on bedrest - very strict - on my side, no moving around for the rest of the pg. Plus, I had to go in 2x a week for NST and US. Their goal was to get me to 33 wks and deliver. However there were no signs of early labor by that point so from then on, it was visit by visit. I read the internet and really thought I should be in the hospital so I was freaked out that we were making a mistake. Plus I was on lovenox so with needing a c-section, you need a little coordinating. I could bleed out or the baby could die before he came out. It was stressful and awful. I was already half nuts cause I wasn't allowed to work out (had just gone through 2 m/c). Anyway, we decided 38 weeks was far enough and the day I went in for c-sect, I started having contractions in the prep room. They got me right in and had the c-section and I was never so relieved to hear him cry.  Most babies where they do not discover the cord do not make it so you were incredibly lucky and your baby is super cute too! 

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  • Wow, it sounds like your pregnancy was crazy stressful!  I'm so happy both babies (yours and mine) made it out to be the spectacular little tigers they are! 

    The doctor told me right after birth exactly how lucky we were. Besides the med student, he brought in some of the residents so they could see the placenta and cord, and get that experience.  I gave birth at the Royal Victoria in Montreal, which is a teaching hospital specializing in high risk pregnancies.

    Thank you for the compliment!  Margaux may not be a "Gerber baby," but she's expressive, funny and super-cute.  When I think about how easily I could have lost her it gives me shivers.

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