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S/O DC Snacks - Juice

I kept meaning to share this, J&T's post reminded me. 

My mom is the director of a DC in Jax and I was asking her about juice at DC. They are required to serve 2 aspects of a meal for snack; and juice counts as part of the meal. So if they serve crackers & juice, they are in compliance, but crackers & water would not be. That's why some of your DC might give you a hard time about not serving LO juice.

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Re: S/O DC Snacks - Juice

  • That doesn't surprise me.  I know at our center if you bring juice in for the kids (like for a party or something), it has to be 100% juice, and I bet that's why.  Interesting.  But they will dilute it if you ask, which is what we do.

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