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Amber teething necklaces

Do these really work?

My LO has two teeth now and I'm looking for something to ease his teething pain....

Re: Amber teething necklaces

  • It's really worked, for us.  DD has been a very easy teether since we bought it.
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  • I posted awhile back about this, since DS was getting four teeth at once (2 were molars) and has a rough time with teething.  I had it around his neck for awhile, but would take it off at night and many people called him a "girl"..which drove me nuts.

    So, now I have it wrapped around his ankle all the time and never take it off.  DS has been sleeping a ton better since it has been on all the time.  Perhaps it has nothing to do with the necklace, but it can't hurt to try, right?  I was actually thinking of getting one for myself, since there seem to be a lot of benefits. 

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  • i swear by ours - even the one day she had a fever from teething - she wasn't her normal self, but she never cried or felt bad enough for me to medicate her
  • Ours seemed to help.  I need to break it out again now that she's working on more teeth... 

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