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Exchanging/selling gift cards

I've heard of this and there was even something about it on the news the other day.  Websites where you can sell or exchange gift cards.  Anyone know about this?  How safe is it?  DH has alot of Office Depot gift cards that we'd like to exchange, but I just can't imagine how you could do that without setting yourself up to get screwed. 

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Re: Exchanging/selling gift cards

  • Yeah, I feel like I'd get screwed.  I wonder if we could include them as part of Tuesday Trading (I'd feel better getting a card from someone I 'knew').  We got a few restaurant gift cards that I'd like to trade for things I'd actually use (I don't really care for the restaurants, although they are popular and I know people who LOVE to eat there).

    Or, if you know someone is looking to shop somewhere, you can offer to sell them your card.  I've done that before to get rid of a card.

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