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Adventures in sleepy land

Last night was hell.  I can tell ds feels much better with the reflux because during the day he is back to his normal happy self.  Nighttime on the other hand is out of control.  He is up very frequently and cries immediately, but seems to freak out even worse as soon as dh or I walk into his room.  Tonight, I decided to try a different approach.  He woke up tonight after less than an hour of sleeping.  Normally, we rush in, feed him, rock him back to sleep.  Tonight, I let him try to settle on his own, and he did somewhat in just a few minutes.  I could tell he wasn't going back to sleep on his own though so I went in and cuddled him, got him pretty close to back asleep, and put him down.  He kind of whined, so I shushed him and patted him and back out he went.   No where in there was a real meltdown of the size that we normally see.  Anyone else experience anything like this?  It seemed strange that letting him settle a minute on his own led to no major freak out when I walked in the room.
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Re: Adventures in sleepy land

  • Ari has "I need help" & "leave me alone I'll figure it out" noises when he wakes. He also sometimes has to be left to settle himself at least most of the way. It's like I'm overstimulating him by even being around him. Sometimes when he's really fighting sleep or just getting upset, I'll lay him in his crib or co-sleeper for  a few & he'll stop crying, then fuss again when he's "ready". Then I'll pick him up & he'll fall asleep almost instantly. 

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  • imagewebMistress0609:
    It's like I'm overstimulating him by even being around him. 

    I've found this as well.  When he was younger what sometimes worked was for me to sit next to the crib with a hand on DS's back.  Holding him or even standing over him was too stimulating.  Now that he's older we do give him more space to try to settle on his own and I can tell within a minute or two if it's likely to work or not.

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