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S/O#2 - First Dentist Appt

I read that a child should visit the dentist before 1 or when their 1st tooth comes in. (According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry) Has anyone followed this? I don't even have dental insurance on DS.


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Re: S/O#2 - First Dentist Appt

  • Our dentist has said the same as in the other post- she doesn't need to go until she's around 3.

    But there have been a couple of posts on the toddler board in the last month of kids having cavities in their baby teeth, and my 4.5 year old cousin just had to have a couple of cavities filled. And they are a very healthy family, so it's not like she is only eating sugar or not brushing her teeth. I think some kids are just really prone to cavities.

    So anyway. Now I'm not sure what to think. This was a really helpful response, huh?

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    This is what I get when I ask for a smile now.

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  • My dentist said not until around 3, as long as you don't give the baby a bottle to fall asleep with (as that will rot their teeth). 

    If DD has dental thru DH's insurance (I'm not sure), I'll prob. take her sooner (as soon as her teeth pop thru) just because it'd be covered for free.  But I wouldn't PAY for a cleaning before age 3 b/c I think it's pretty much unnecessary.  I'll make sure in the meantime to work with her on toothbrushing at home.

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  • Both my dentist & my pediatrician said that Nate didn't need to go to the dentist until 3.  But then the weird tooth thing came up & we went anyway.

    One interesting thing is that the pediatric dentist we saw does not charge for visits for children under 3, as long as it's a routine visit.  They just check the teeth real quick and do a quick flouride treatment on them.  Due to that, it kind of inclines me to take Nate every 6 months just to get checked out.  It seems like it doesn't hurt anything & it might help.  IDK, the whole dentist thing is definitely confusing!

  • I did put dental insurance on DS beginning in 2010 since I was told that if they are playing and knock a tooth out it would not be covered under medical. The cost through my employer wasn't that much of a difference b/t just covering DH and myself.

  • That is interesting what ECU said, and makes sense because if they can't even get into the mouth if the kid is scared, what can they charge you for. I asked my dentist and they pretty much said they just do what they can. Most of the time they can't do much, like xrays, etc. They also suggested you to start bringing them in with you when you get your teeth cleaned so they get familiar with the dentist. I think I am going to look into it when she is a bit older, the Pedi one ECU posted below looks very nice!! I bookmarked it.



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