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Does LO have to go to a pediatric dentist?

Hi NC nesties! Can I just take DS to a family dentist or is it reccommended to go to one that specializes in peds? Sounds like a crazy question, I know.

Also any dentist recs in the Raleigh area would be appreciated.


Re: Does LO have to go to a pediatric dentist?

  • Is there a reason he needs to go to the dentist?  My pedi and dentist both said they don't need to see the dentist until they're 2 unless there is a problem. 

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  • DH and I just had this discussion. We LOVE our dentist and we both asked separately (without knowing it) about taking DD and they said at age 3 to start. They also said if there are any issues they send you to a pediatric dentist, so we said that most likely we will just find one of those from the start and start going there when she is 3. They said they don't do much but try to clean the teeth and look in their mouth. Unless there is a specific need, you don't have to start until age 3.



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  • My dentist also said that DS wouldn't need to be seen until 3.  However, he has a strange tooth, so our pediatrician recommended that we take him to a pediatric dentist to get it checked out.  Since she specified a pediatric dentist, that's what we did.  We ended up going to  They were great.

    I haven't decided if we'll stick with a pediatric dentist when DS gets older or if I'll have him go to my dentist (who I love). 

  • Thanks ladies. I just assumed that once they got teeth they would have to start seeing the dentist. DS has one tooth that's larger than the others around in and it seems the others are growing behind that big one. If that makes sense; maybe that's normal.
  • I think my 'rule of thumb' will be to take her to my regular dentist for age 3+, but if she needed anything special before that, I'd see a pediatric dentist.  I'd also see a pediatric dentist PAST age 3 if anything out of an ordinary cleaning was needed.  =)
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