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Rec your umbrella stroller

DH still used the Snap'N Go & infant seat to bring Holly into daycare each morning (since it is at his work, he parks his car, then walks her over to DC). Since we're finally getting rid of the infant seat and getting a convertible for his car, we'll have to say good bye to the Snap'n Go too. It was a good run. Smile

He doesn't want to lug our full size stroller around for just this task, or other quick errands with her. Plus, we keep that one in my car. We have one of those super flimsy $20 umbrella strollers, but those are torture for anyone over 5'2", it seems, and she looks so ridiculously uncomfortable. We weren't thrilled with the MacLarens, and don't want to spend over $75 anyway. 

Any recs?

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Re: Rec your umbrella stroller

  • I can't believe Holly still fits into her infant seat!

    We have the Chicco Capri Stroller. I really like it, we've used it since DS was maybe about 3 months old? I mainly use it for running errands and now we'll take it places like the mall. It's light & folds really easily. The basket is pretty much non-existent, but I have a diaper bag that clips on the back. DH is 5' 10" and said he has only kicked the back once or twice. I would say the handles are kind of low for a taller person.  I bought a display model with a coupon, so I think I paid around $50 for it.

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  • imagebecki777:

    I can't believe Holly still fits into her infant seat!

    I know! She's nearing the weight & height limits for sure, but she's still comfy in it! We've definitely gotten our money's worth!

    I'll have to check out the Capri. Looks cute! I see there's one on sale online at BRU for $62.. 

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  • I just got one at Target for dh's car. It is called Umbria and was orig $35 but marked down to $25. I love it!
  • We have a red Chicco Capri that we like. I'm 5'11 & I can use it w/ little trouble. It's not as high as I'd like, but it works great for quick errands (longer trips I use our full size stroller).
  • We have the Graco Ipo stroller and love it (I'm 5'2" and DH is 6'1") and it's comfortable for both of us. DH though has a long stride and kept kicking the wheels, so he mounted them on backwards-problem solved! :)
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  • Test drive, test drive, test drive!  This is so important with umbrella strollers, moreso than regular strollers.  I had my heart set on a Maclaren, but really didn't want to spend that much money on one.  So we went to BRU and drove every umbrella stroller they have.  Guess what?  I kicked the wheels on every single one of them.  With every step.  And DH didn't.  I'm only 5'4" (barely).  But apparently my legs or stride is pretty long compared to my arms.  Something like that.  Whatever it is, it made it hard for me to find a stroller I liked.  We really liked the Chico Capri, and I also like the Ipo (except it only comes in pink), but we ended up with a Maclaren because of the wheels.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my Maclaren, but it ended up being my only choice.  And I found it cheap online.  I think I got it shipped for around $100. 


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  • I got a cheap one from BRU and I hate it. MrsLLG sold me her brand new in the box Maclaren Triumph and I LOVE it. At first it took some getting used to but now me and DH really enjoy using it. It is like night and day from that cheapo one we got.

    I saw Becki's Chicco and it is really, really cute, I would probably go for that if I hadn't gotten a Maclaren, but the draw for me was the 5 point harness, the height, and the recline options of the Triumph.




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  • I'll reiterate my recommendation to go to Buy Buy Baby and test drive there - they have an awesome stroller selection and great area to try them out! Plus, I bet you can use a 20% off BBB coup on a stroller there as well ;) GL!!

  • We like our Graco IPO. 

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