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Ergo vs. Beco

Tell me your personal preference.  We use a Moby now.  LO and I both love it.  As she gets bigger, I'd like something more sturdy that DH would also appreciate.
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Re: Ergo vs. Beco

  • I loved my Ergo, but when I lost it on a plane I considered a Beco because they are so pretty.  I tried both and I preferred the Ergo because it was just a little more comfortable for me and it has a pocket in the front that I use all the time.
  • I haven't tried a Ergo, but I'm loving the Beco I got for Christmas.  I've heard that it can be kind of a pain to do a back carry in an Ergo, but it's super simple in the Beco.  I will admit, though, that what swayed me to the Beco was how cute they are.  Shallow?  Perhaps.  But I am ROCKING the blue scooters!

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  • FWIW I have no trouble using the back carry with the Ergo.
  • I haven't used my Ergo yet but I love my Beco. I use my Moby most so far only because it is so cold here.
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