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transitioning to school district and IEP help

My 2 year old is about to transition to the school district in a month and we have an IEP meeting next week. I'm new to all this and was wondering if anyone can help me with goals or what I should be asking from the school. My son was dx with PDD-NOS and has expressive speech delay. Behaviors are not much of an issue for us. We would like our son to talk clearly more intelligible. He speaks alot of jargon. We want him to be able to learn and say his alphabet and same with numbers. Do the things a typical 3 year can do.  Are main goal is for our son to talk.

What should I ask for from the school and what goals should I ask?

I am new to this so all the help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Re: transitioning to school district and IEP help

  • Is next week your actual IEP meeting, or is it an evaluation day, observation etc??? What has the process looked like for you so far? 
  • We are going for the IEP meeting, we already had the evaluation and results meeting. They qualified him for services based on speech delay in expressive. They will accept the PDD-NOS dx but we need to complete an applied behavioral assessment packet which needs to be reviewed by their psychologist.

    This is not an integrated preschool at this time. They said they do have 1 or 2 that are typical children in the class but its not a fully integrated class. The neuro/psych dr who dx my son said he would like to see him in an integrated class but if the district doesn't offer it take what we can get, its better than none at all.

    He is actually receiving 1 hr a week of ST. 1hr a week with an educator- who in my opinion doesn't do anything productive. and 10 hrs a week with a para professional working mainly on speech. its not really 10hrs since she likes to take days off and come late and leave early kind of thing. but anyway,

    His MD said that he's gained a year in 6 months so wants to continue with services. He said in the next 6 months if he still gains more he may possible take the dx away.

    My sons does much better socially, makes great eye contact, very sympathic/affectionate. Plays well with pretend/imaginative play. We are mainly concerned with his speech. His speech therapist said even if he gets 1/2 hr of speech therapy at school, he'll be getting throughout the morning with other kids and teachers.

    So what do you suggest some goals should be.

    Thank you

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  • I am really surprised that he got diagnosed with PDD-NOS being you stated that the only symptom he has is speech delay (I get this just from reading your post or does he have other issues?).  My DS who is 4 had expressive speech delay at 2 yo or we think anyway as he did not qaulify for services but I went through insurance.  We did fight at 3 to go through the school for articulation issues but we sort of think he was just a late talker as he is 4 now and basically caught up, including articulation (the TH seems to be the issue with him and sometimes his tongue does not position the correct way with a certain word or two).  I know many other kids who have/had expressive speech delay but that was it.  I am just curious what gave your Neuro the facts to diagnose him with PDD-NOS?  As you may know, I am not a doctor or proffesional in this so I am just curious.  I think that Auntie's reply to you is accurate as most kids who sing their ABCs at that age is based from memory only.  The goals she pointed out makes the most sense.  Good luck!
  • These sites helped me to better understand the IEP process and plan for my son's first big IEP (3 year old).

    IEP goals are an individual thing, no one that doesn't know your son can really give you goals.  You need to do the research to prepare yourself. 

    I did not write up specific goals in preparation, just broad ones.  But I did write up a current level of performance for my son, based off the ones on the TACA links above.  I can e-mail it to you if you are interested in seeing another example.

    DS - June 2006 DD1 - November 2007 DD2 - August 2010
  • Thanks Auntie for the info :)  I was always told that a child needs more than one area of concern to be labeled for PDD-NOS/ASD. 

    You give such wonderful advice and I am keeping an eye on my own 18 month old.  He does not show specific signs of ASD but he is behind in many areas (he does have a weak core which I recall you saying many ASD children do have weak cores so I guess that could be one sign but it can also mean various other things).  He is catching up slowly and is in PT and more therapies will follow.  He does show affection, plays well with adults and peers, gives eye contact, etc. but the fact he is behind is all areas has me concerned.  However, right now we don't know anything yet but he is progressing which is important.  It's so weird, in my heart of hearts, I know he is developmentally behind but I think he will be okay.  As for my other son who is now 4, I just knew his speech was not right.  He is fine now and caught up for two years ago everyone just kept telling me he was late but I just knew he needed help. 

     Thanks again!

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