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NBR: Need Appetizer Idea

To take to a neighbors tomorrow night. 

Re: NBR: Need Appetizer Idea

  • MereD made a really good one for the cookie exchange that I LOVE.... easy- peasy too!

     1 can creamed corn, 1 can reg corn, 1 bar of creamed cheese.  Mix together, heat in over (I do 425 for 15 min) Top with shredded cheese when it comes out.  Serve with water crackers.  Yummm.

  • Spinach Balls

    Sausage Balls

    Spinach Dip in a sourdough breadbowl with veggies and crackers

    Cheese Fondu with viggies and bread

     Crack Dip

    Baked Brie with roasted red peppers and red grapes

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  • This is my newest one and it's so very easy!

    Lay out a can of crecent rolls on a pan
    Set a block of colby/jack or cheddar in the center of the dough
    Fold the dough up to make a brick shape around the block of cheese
    Bake it in the oven until the crecent roll dough is done (usually about 10 minutes at 375)!

  • In my appetizer rotation: spinach cheese squares, a spinach and artichoke dip, pizza dip or crack dip (buffalo chicken dip). If any of those sound like what you are looking for I can email you the recipes! Or I just do hummus and pita chips and veggies and a cheese platter if I want to skip cooking.



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