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I think I recall seeing a response by you to a post in which you mentioned your daughter has microcephaly?  My 2 1/2 mo old who has hearing loss & "borderline microcephaly."  I'd like to speak to you about your experiences so far, if  you're willing?



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  • Hi Melissa! Sure - I'd be happy to tell you about any of our experiences.  Originally my daughter's head was very far below the charts because she was born very small.  She is much closer to being on the chart now because she has grown a lot in 8 months.  Overall, it seems like it's just a waiting game of seeing how her development goes.  We see a neurologist and she was evaluated by EI at 5 months and started physical therapy at 6 months for motor and communication delays.  The only thing with Isabel is that our doctors still think she could have some sort of syndrome because she also has congenital heart defects and typically when there is more than one issue, they believe there is an overall diagnosis that causes it.  Let me know if you want to talk offline and I'll send you my email address.


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