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Humidifier ?

Where in your LO's room is it located? D's skin is so dry the pedi told me to put one in his room. I plan to put it on a wooden "tv table" that I don't care about (not worried about water warping it or anything) but I wasn't sure how close to the crib it should or shouldn't be.

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  • Ha Ha!  We're probably the rule on where NOT to put it!  We have a small wooden drawer set, about 12"x12" and 3' high that sits right beside Eli's crib.  His humidifier sits on top of that.  It was fine for a long time, but now he can reach over the top of his crib and turn the knob. Indifferent He knows he's not supposed to, and I've only seen him do it when I go up to get him in the morning (we have a video monitor).  He says "hot, hot, don't touch" and points to it.  So I think he really is afraid it will hurt him if he does.  But he does like to turn the knob sometimes.  But it's a cool mist, so if he were to tip it, it would fall in the floor and make a mess, but wouldn't hurt him.  I think it's fine to put it anywhere in their room though, you don't have to put it right beside them.  That was just the best place at the time, and I've been too lazy to find another place for it.

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  • On top of the armoire - I'm not concerned about the wood because you can't see the top anyway. Stick out tongue I don't think it has to be close to their crib. We keep his door shut so I feel like it moves through the room
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