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if you have radiators

are you covering them up? do you know of any good companies for custom made or ready made covers? they seem to be so expensive!


thank you

Re: if you have radiators

  • Are you at all handy? You've got a while before the little bug gets into everything...We've build them ourselves...

    Just measure the radiator, and go to you local Lowe's or Home Depot....They'll cut wood to size for you...You'll need a piece for the left, the right and the top...and then some kind of Lattice Material do actually let the heat escape to tack to the front- which can easily be done with a staple gun. make sure to paint it cute...and voila you have a radiator cover...for less than $30.

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  • We have ours covered with wood covers and they are painted the same color as the trim.  They came with the house when we bought it.  Maybe you can try calling the heat company to see if they have any decent prices.  But making them seems like the cheapest option.
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  • You can buy them at any of the Unfinished wood stores but they are very pricey.  DH and FIL have made a few in the high risk areas and we're planning to make more.... 

  • thank you

    is there a website that you would recommend to show you how to make radiator covers?

    We found a few but looking for something more simple and easy.

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