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Started day care with K2

Sean started day care Monday. Hard to believe twelve weeks have passed.

I missed him terribly Monday.

Today, his regular teacher who was Lucas's teacher was there - she is such a great person to have as a caregiver. It made me feel so much better remembering how loving she was with Lucas. She has already warmed to Sean and was so excited to meet him.

Bitter sweet all this growing up / getting older business.


Re: Started day care with K2

  • It's comforting to have a familiar face.  Don't worry, mama - he'll love it!  :-)
  • Awww...I hope it gets a bit easier each day for you.  Hugs!
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  • I can't believe the 12 weeks has gone by so fast either!!  I bet you miss him, but I am sure each day it will get a little easier.  I hope it was nice to have someone that you already are comfortable with and know taking care of him though. 

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