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Oh, my.

I POAS this am. Saw nothing after a couple of minutes, and got distracted.  This afternoon, I noticed it out and and went to toss it before DH saw, since he's not entirely on the second baby train yet, so I don't want to freak him out unnescessarily. Definitely blue line, not grey.  It's dotted, but it's there. But God only knows how long it took to appear. There are a few other blue dots on the test, so maybe it's just an evap line.

Now, how do I get out to get a digital test when I'm already in my jammies and about to feed DS to sleep (DH is doing stories, OMG, I love "Bear Snores On")?  Oh holy schnikey. I really want a second, but I thought earliest we'd try would be March or April, and that would only be if I could get DH off of his I-was-an-only-child-and-I-turned-out-just-fine thing. I have one semester left of school, and wasn't exactly planning to be 6 months pregnant for my senior recital.  I'm hesitant to bring DH into this drama if it's BFN, partly because it's only been sadly very recently that we've been back to good sexy time.

Thus, I still have in my IUD.  I haven't had a PP AF.  Trying not to hyperventilate.   Because I realized I'm going to be really sad if it's BFN, despite the fact that it's a little earlier than I wanted.  I'm going to have to tell him. 

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Re: Oh, my.

  • omg - go buy a stick now!!  Does DH have a sweet tooth?  If I start talking about ice cream DH will always suggest that I get dressed and go get him some.  come up with some lame excuse and get to the 7-11 quick!  Can't wait to hear how things turn out.  good luck.
  • WOW - How exciting!

    Hmmm. Can you run out for "feminine hygene" products? Pick up a test and some supplies - even if you don't need them for another 9 months.

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  • dum dum DUMMMM!

    I'd go ahead and tell him your worry, and get the test.  If it's positive he'd need to know anyway, and if it's negative he'd wonder why you are sad.  It's not like you stopped taking BC pills without telling him, if it happened it's a genuine, unquestionable accident.  I'm sure he'd take it in stride!

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  • Um, I got pregnant with an IUD.  It can happen.  I hope it turns out the way you want.  Go POAS and update us - we want to know!!!!

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  • imagenisems:
    omg - go buy a stick now!! 


  • Uh oh!  You prob already have the stick by now!  Hope its what you want!
  • Told DH. He's out to the grocery store and then Walgreen's to get a stick (grocery store is whole foods so they don't carry them -- maybe if they were made with organic cotton?). 

    I just went to peeonastick.com and saw that my test has a history of false positives, especially after the 10 minute window, and I haven't a clue how much time passed because it was hours later that I checked it.

    Maybe it's all for nothing, and I just needed some drama in my life. Well see!

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  • Wow - I missed some drama tonight.

    I hope the test result is what you want it to be.

  • the suspense is killing me over here....
  • OMG! OMG!  how did I miss this?  ....  welllll ?  inquiring minds want to know .....
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