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Time limit for burping?

How long do you try to burp your DC for before "giving up"?  The first week, she was a great burper...it only took maybe 5 pats on the back.  For the past few days, it can sometimes take up to 10 mins for a good burp.  How long would you go for to get a good burp and/or when do you "give up"?
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Re: Time limit for burping?

  • We try not to give up because he gets such bad gas. We switch burping positions a lot as well to get him to burp. We found also that switch him to on his back laying on our legs and then bringing hm back up to burp him on our shoulder sometimes helps. Also, we started  holding him more or less upright vs reclining to feeding him. So many times just with drawing the nipple from his mouth causes him to burp. We also are only allowing him to drink a certain amount before burping and then allowing him to continue.
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  • I didn't stress too much.  I'd try for 10 minutes and move on.  DD wasn't a spitter so I didn't stress if she didn't burp.
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  • Most of the time DS does great at burping, but sometimes we give up.  I try not to because it usually results in the hiccups.
  • We try for 5-10 minutes.  He sometimes gives great burps (but will only burp once) and other times refuses.  Sometimes when we just give up, he'll start fussing within 2-3 minutes and when we pick him up, will burp on his own.  He's not a spitter, so I don't stress too much, but I still try since he is gassy.
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  • We try to about 5-10 minutes.  DH usually tries longer than I do though.  DS is an occasional spitter so I've been a little more adament lately about making sure that he burps. 
  • I'd usually try continuously for about 5 minutes.  He'll usually give at least a little one by then.  If not, then similar to a pp, we lay him down for a few seconds and bring him back up, and sometimes he does it then.  Otherwise, I wait a few minutes and just try for a few more minutes after that.  Sometimes the air just needs a little time to work around.  If not after that, then it was no biggie (but DS was not a spitter, either).
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