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Blood work results back!

My thyroid is not a problem.  However, my Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D were low.  Maybe I am losing all my vitamins to my breast milk?  Anyways, I have just recieved my first B12 shot today (sore right arm!)  I also have prescription-strength D tablets to start taking.  So we will see if my mood improves once I have more vitamins (and my 100 mg dose of Zoloft) in my system.
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Re: Blood work results back!

  • Im happy its not your thyroid.  I have been dealing with chronic Hashimoto's for 15 years and it is very very difficult.  I hope all the vitamins and meds work! 
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  • Hope you feel better!
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  • Glad your thyroid isn't the problem. Hopefully all that stuff will help you feel better. Did you bring up to the doctor getting bloodwork done or did they? my doctor never asked to check that.
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