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Advice on drying up breastmilk

Can you give me your best advice on how to dry up my breastmilk?  Is it best to just go cold turkey and wear tight sports bra with cabbage leafs in it or should I just start pumping less and less and let it dry up slowly?

I'm defeated.  I've given my best for 5 weeks.  I don't produce enough for him and would feed him a bottle of mostly breastmilk and some formula for every meal and pump after.  He's having some problems, and the pedi recommended putting him on soy formula, so I'm giving up.  Any tips of making this as painless as possible would be great.  =(

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Re: Advice on drying up breastmilk

  • I didn't breastfeed per the advice of dr's and my milk never really came in until yesterday (but barely any).  I'm doing cabbage leaf in my sports bra.  Did it with #1 and it reduced it by a lot in just 3 days.  It does make your skin itchy though...

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  • get a head of green cabbage.

    peel the leaves off, cut the white part out and freeze them. 

    place one leaf on each breast (directly in your bra) and leave in until the leaves wilt (probably about 15 minutes). continue until you run out. 

    your milk should be gone within the next 24 hours.

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  • An antihistimine (like benedryl) can also help.
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