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Shower food?

My coworkers insist on hosting a shower for me. I am not a fan of showers - personally, I think its akward opening gifts (that I picked out on a registry) in front of everyone. I really dont like all the attention. But I understand this is about the baby and others want to celebrate our baby - including other friends and family.

So today at work they asked me what type of food I wanted. I have no idea. I would suggest something cheap because I don't want them to spend a lot of money. I suggested pizza (what was served at the last office baby shower) but they said don't just pick that because that's what the last girl picked. But I do like pizza! And I know pizza is prolly the cheapest thing that can be served.  Then I thought of a dessert bar - like a bunch of ice cream and everyone can put on different toppings. I thought it was a different idea - but they said thats not real food. I know they are trying to be nice but I really dont want it to cost a lot. Any suggestions?

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  • Wow.  I understand.  I am the same way and don't like for people to spend a lot of money.  I had a Salad Bar at my baby shower.  Mixed Greens, Crumbled cheeses, Cranberries, Nuts, Tomatoes etc.  It was build your own.  At work (I'm a catering Manager), when some one is on a budget I usually suggest a tea party.  Breakfast pastries like croissants, quickbreads, scones, finger sandwiches, butter, preserves (lemon curd and clotted cream if you want to be authentic), assorted iced and hot teas.  It is all very cute and girly.  Hope that helps.
  • I like the salad idea mentioned above.  You could also try a baked potato bar.

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  • maybe a sandwich platter or a large sub, the platter might work better though so they could have a variety of sandwiches
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  • We have a place here called Mr Pita...They have a variety of rolled sandwiches.  You can also go to a pizza place and order pasta, breadsticks and salad.  There are also sub shops you can order from  Check out Mexican restaurants that cater as well and it's not too expensive (if you group likes Mexican food).  We've also gotten mid-eastern food...shish kabobs, rice, stuffed grape leaves, homus, taboulee, pita bread.  Yum.
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