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excited! just ordered p90x

can't wait to get it and get back into shape after two babies in two years!

Re: excited! just ordered p90x

  • My husband did it and he swears by it. I'll be doing it after my little girl is born to shed that baby weight. I know it might be hard with 2 kids, but try your best to stick to the nutrition plan. It makes all the difference in the world.
  • i did it right before i got preggers and my bf is doing the second time around right now.. its great and really woops you into shape!!! that will be my way of losing the baby weight. just gotta stick to it. its tough but its worth it
  • I finished it right before I got pregnant too and it was great. I was in pretty good shape to begin with, but it definitely helped me get more tone and I even lost a couple lbs...which was great since I knew soon I'd be putting on quite a few (due to being pg)!  I'm hoping to do it again as soon as I'm cleared to work out after having this baby. I can't afford all new clothes so I better fit in my pre-pg clothes quick! lol

    Good luck!  I thought it was more tough mentally than physically (just to get yourself to do it for 90 days in a row), but worth it. FYI - I didn't really follow the meal plan, but tend to eat pretty healthy anyway. I just stuck with that and it worked. 

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