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Single vs. double breast pump

I'm deciding which breast pump to buy and would like to know how much more efficient a double breast pump is compared to a single one. Some online reviewers claim to be able to pump in 15 minutes using a single breast pump. Does a double breast pump cut this time in half?

Also, does anyone have experience with the first years' natural comfort single electric breast pump?

Thanks you!

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Re: Single vs. double breast pump

  • It is twice as efficient since you are doing both breasts at the same time on a double pump. I would consider talking to someone at Woman's Work about pumps - they can probably offer quite a bit of insight. Also, at your prenatal breastfeeding class they will likely discuss pumps.

    I used the Medela PISA for pumping at work with my first. It worked very well.

    Today I'm using a rented Symphony. I have had to pump more often with my second child (nursing at the breast was complicated because of mastitis and we're working through that).

    I can tell the difference between the PISA and the Symphony. For all day, every day use, the Symphony is nice because it is gentler. For work pumping only, the PISA worked great. Have you considered how you're planning to use your pump? That will help you decide.

    The hospitals rent the symphony too and can be cheaper than somewhere like Woman's work. I think it is 60/mo at TCH.

    Good luck!

  • Definitely get a double if you will be returning to work. If you are only going to pump on occasion, then a single should suffice. I have the Medela PISA and was very pleased with it.
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  • I am pumping a couple of times a day for about 15 minutes each with a double pump.  It can be used as a single if I just need to pump one breast.  If you are going to use it for more than just an occasional use, I'd say DEFINITELY get a double!!  Otherwise, you are going to be spending twice as much time with your pump.

    I got this pump and have been very pleased with it. haven't heard of the First Years pump, but there are sites online with reviews of various pumps. 

  • Like pp's said it really depends what you are using it for.   I exclusively pumped for DS, so in a situation like that it is best to get a double pump and it is also better to rent a hospital grade pump from the hospital or a lactation consultant. 

    If we have another child, then I will be in the market to buy a pump like I rented from the LC because I found that something like the Medela PIS worked but not as good as a Medela Lactina Select, which is what I rented from the LC.

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