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Shower Favors! Help!

Does anyone have any unique favor ideas?

I don't want to do anything traditional like choclate rattles, mints or candles?

Since there will not be many people attending the shower, the budget is $5-$10 a person.


Re: Shower Favors! Help!

  • Unless you know your guests' tastes very well I wouldn't do anything except edible favors with the exception of gift cards (but even then if people don't drink coffee/etc. they wouldn't want Starbucks for instance).  You could do little baskets that include cookies, cookie cuters, etc. or if you know for a fact everyone likes could do a tiny wine basket with cheese/crackers and little bottles of wine.

    Personally, I would not waste money on anything frangranced since people have different tastes and allergies.  For instance, my DD gets a major migraine when she smells anything vanilla.

    Food favors have always been most popular for showers and receptions.

  • I assume that the shower is in 2010.  This will be the Year of the Tiger (Chinese New Year).  Why not do a favor with fortune cookies, information about what attributes a child born this year will have, throw in some other asian inspired items, put it in a chinese take out container (can get at a craft store), wrap up with a pink or blue satin ribbon with chopsticks.
  • A donation to a charity the mom might like?

    Is there something that the mom-to-be loves?  Maybe she's a big coffee fan, so everyone can get a nice travel mug.  (even if they don't like coffee, they could always use a mug).

    Or what about something for the kitchen?  A funky utensil?  Cool apron?   

    IMO, a Starbucks gift card is always useful, even if you don't like coffee there's teas and snacks. 

    How about a movie gift card?  Or a $5 blockbuster gift card with a pack of microwave popcorn and a box of a candy in a cute gift bag. 

  • Lipgloss with a personalized graphic on the lid.  I've received at 2 different showers and always use it!!   Another cute idea I've seen is a candle that resembles a cinnamon bun that comes in a packaging that resembles an oven for the "bun in the oven" theme...  Good Luck!!

  • Me & one of my hostesses came up with this:

    Hand sanitizers from Trader Joes with the labels removed, and personalized ones added. 


    These candles come all put together with the personalized label, and white organza bag. 


    We got these square die cuts that can be tied to other things. I think they'll be used for my other shower tied onto the hand sanitizer with ribbon.



    The web site is They have more than the black & white we ordered.


  • I always love to give and receive edible gifts.  I'd go with chocolate truffles or those super cute, decorated iced sugar cookies.
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  • How about bottles of Barefoot wine?  The bottle has a cute foot print on the label.

    Barefoot Wine



  • I used bath bombs for my shower.  You put the in the bath and they fizz up for a nice bath.  I have recently found a good website for favors Serendipity favors.  Look it up.  My friend and I are going to start a favor business soon so I will let you know when we do that but for now Serendipity is very cool and not expensive.
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