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Postpartum Depression

anyone else? (rp 0-3)

So I was doing great for a few weeks, but now I'm worrying about SIDS so much I don't know what to do. I just feel so helpless, like there's nothing I can do to keep my baby from dying. I know it's technically "rare" but I can't stop myself from imagining the horror of finding my son dead.

2 out of every 500 babies dying for no apparent reason scares the hell out of me. Is anyone else having a really hard time with this? How do you handle the fear?

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  • I'm dealing with this too, and I don't really have a solution except to tell you you're not alone. Everyone things I'm crazy with everything I do to prevent SIDS, but I'm really just following the guidelines I've read about (no sleeping on soft surface, sleeping on back, no loose blankets, etc.). DD is starting to roll over on her side now, so I'm extra paranoid she's going to sleep that way.

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  • this is why we bought the Angelcare monitor because I knew if I didn't have it I'd be a nervous wreck all the time! I highly recommend it, it's expensive but worth the peace of mind. At least thats one thing you could do to try and ease the anxiety among other things like medication, therapy, etc.
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  • Second the Angelcare...also does your baby sleep in the same room as you?...I know it is comforting for me to be able to get up and check on her whenever I get nervous.
  • Yes I worry like crazy about this.   I had anxiety before pregnancy now it is just focused on my LO.  So this is what I do....I have a little thing I do before she goes to bed so that after I do it I can let my worrying thoughts go to a certain extent.  I give her a cross on her head and tell her I love her and I ask god to keep her safe till I get her in the morning.  That is my little thing...even if you aren't religious or anything maybe there is something you can do so that you can let the worrying go to a point that you can sleep.  I had counseling before for my anxiety and they suggest doing things like that.  I also have the angelcare monitor.
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