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DS can't attend the next EI playgroup session (long)

The playgroup starts on the 4th and we got a call on Wednesday afternoon saying that unless he has his MMR vac by then he can't attend.  DS has a severe egg allergy so after much discussions with his pedi and allergist we decided to wait until he was two to get it with the hopes that he could verbalize better if he was having any issues with breathing.  The thing that is annoying me is that DH told his case manager all of this two weeks ago and she said it wouldn't be an issue and EI is closed this week so I can't call the case manager or the playgroup teacher.  I spoke with his pedi this morning who said that it was up to the playgroup whether they would accept him or not without the vaccination so there was nothing she could do other than write a note documenting why we're waiting.  Has anyone else dealt with something like this ?  Part of me does know we're being overly cautious, but I had a reaction one time and the only symptom I had was difficulty breathing. Thankfully I was able to tell someone before it got too hard to talk because I was having such issues breathing. 


Re: DS can't attend the next EI playgroup session (long)

  • Hi - our son is not vacc'ed AT ALL (due to immune issues) and we had no trouble getting into the EI program. It really is parents' choice if/how/when to vaccinate, espcecially since you have it documented that the vaccine could harm your child due to his severe egg allergy.
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    It depends on the state and the program being offered to some degree.

    If group is a service delivery setting, you will have a stronger case for bringing him un-vaxed than if it is a social support group sponsored by EI which is an "extra". You'll have to wait and call for their official stance on this. Many kids who get EI are medically very fragile, so allowing an unvaxed child to attend a group event that isn't a part of their therapy is dangerous.

    Good luck with this. I would be very nervous about the whole unvaxed status for measles. Measles are scary.

    I agree with Auntie...finding out the answer to this is what you need.  If it is a support group, then they probably can ask you not to come until your cihld is vaccinated.  There is no good fix here.  You are justifiably worried about getting your child vaccinated considering his allergies.  Other parents are justifiably worried about exposing their child to an unvaccinated playmate. 

    While it is a parents' choice when or if to vaccinate, there are sometimes when that choice will cause your child to miss out.  For example, I teach Kindergarten and this year, we have had several cases of chicken pox.  I have two students who have missed more than 2 months of school since they are not vaccinated.  Regulations state that if your child is not vaccinated, then he/she may not come to school until the incubation period has passed.  Since the cases of pox have been consecutive (rather than concurrent), these kids have been out a LOT.  It is for their own safety as well as for the safety of others.  Last year we had a similar incident with whooping cough.  For most kids who have been vaccinated, this is no big deal.  But, for the medically fragile kids that are often in EI, it can be very dangerous.

    Please understand that I am not judging you for waiting on the vaccinations (given your history, I would probably do the same thing).  I am just sharing with you the reasons why they probably don't want your unvaccinated child in the playgroup. 

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