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Looking for an OB affiliated with Winchester Hospital

I am not thrilled with my current doctor (Neelam Thacker in Medford, mother is Vasant Thacker and is phasing out of the practice).

During my first blood tests to confirm the pregnancy, I had to go to another facility to have my blood drawn, and the doctor had ordered too many vials in one sitting, and her office was closed while I was at the lab.

I just had my NT scan yesterday, and she sent me to North Reading, which was fine, but they don't have a lab there (and doc didn't tell me), so I had to go to yet another location to have my blood drawn.

She's only two years out of med school, which I realize can have its benefits, but I am only encountering the drawbacks of her inexperience at this point.

I would prefer a female, but if anyone highly recommends their male OB, I think I'd be willing to give it a shot.  Winchester Hospital does seem like a good fit for us though, so I'd like to stay there.  My previous doctor is in Newton, which is just a little too far from Medford - especially being due around July 4th, I'd hate to get stuck in holiday traffic in labor!

Any assistance is much appreciated!!

Re: Looking for an OB affiliated with Winchester Hospital

  • I just started to see this OB and I really liked it.  I am also just begining my TTC journey so take my opinion knowing that.  Try Winchester OBGYN.  They are actually in Woburn and all their deliveries are at Winchester hospital. 
  • I go to Winchester OB/GYN in Woburn and they're great!  The lab is also across the hall so it's convenient for getting tests done.

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  • I agree.. Winchester OB in Woburn.. Fullerton and Bose are great. I also LOVE the RN Kim.
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