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OK, two MIL WWYDs/vent!!!

1) MIL gave us a super tacky "wall hanging" in a frame. Its an embroidered thing with our wedding info on it. It is soooooo NMS. Our place is tiny so its not like I can hang it somewhere where I wont ever see it. I know DH will want to hang it because his mom made it but I really hate it!! WWYD?

2) MIL was playing with B on the floor while I was sitting on the couch. B was standing on the floor holding onto her bouncy seat, and MIL let go of her to switch positions. I dont know whatt she was thinking!! It goes with out saying B toppled over and hit her head and started screaming. She was fine after looking at christmas lights but I was super annoyed. I knew MIL felt bad but she sort of brushed it off. I still trust her because I know stuff like that will happen but she watches B every tuesday while I work and I had this feeling that if things happen like that then she wouldnt tell me, and I would like to know if she gets hurt! 

The worst part was that I feel like I should have had super mommy strength and been able to jump over and catch her!! Like I said she was totally fine I just felt so bad that that happened to her after such a long day!!  

Re: OK, two MIL WWYDs/vent!!!

  • im sorry. i would hang the stupid thing in a hallway or some corner, esp if DH wants to. it is his mom. i try to imagine my little boys growing up and getting married and having wives. i dont make stuff, but if i did make something for them i would hope their wife would just put it on the wall. as for #2, that sucks and would PO me too. i dont know what to say about that one. 
  • I dont' know about #2 either, but yea that would tick me off.  As for the tacky wall thing, I would hang it up for a while, appease MIL and DH, then take it down in a few months.  Hang it in a corner or the bathroom, somewhere where it isn't necessarily staring you in the face all day long.
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  • Sorry you had a rough day.My LO had a really rough day at the in-law's too.

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  • 1)  I would just hang it, who cares if there's a tacky embroidered thing on your wall?

    2)  Bumps and bruises are going to happen and you're not going to know about every one of them... so, just expect that she tell you the big, important stuff and be happy if she does that.


    p.s. your MIL sounds like a DREAM compared to mine! 

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