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Whats the perfect Shower Gift?

I think with my first child I got probably (no kidding) 30 blankets! I got a lot of clothes but people didnt really get me what I needed!

What do you think are good gifts? I think clothes is good to a point but it seems like at Baby showers everyone wants to oooh and ahh over how everything is so cute!

But when it comes down to it that isnt really what we all need right?

 I would love to get this just like the Kardashian sisters have and I think it would be sooooooooo cute in a nursery! Bright colors and everything eventhough its not a NEED. But would be cute!

If you have advice on the one thing someone should ask for or take as a gift what would that ONE thing be?

Re: Whats the perfect Shower Gift?

  • 1. Anything on their registry.

     2. Diapers and wipes in various sizes

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  • A shower is to shower the mother to be with gifts, not to provide necessities.  Gifts can be necessities or just something that the giver thinks the recipient will like. Personally, for baby and bridal showers, I buy from the registry 99% of the time. For my shower, about half was from the registry and the other half was clothes, blankets, dishes, etc.  I was grateful for it all and didn't second guess any of it. When DH and I deceided to have a baby, we assumed that WE would be reponsible for providing the necessities, although I will admit, help from family and friends is nice. 

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  • How about a diaper cake?  They are super cute and they also would make a great decoration at the shower.  This site has some cute ones: www.sosweetstationery.com
  • well, considering i bought 3 bla bla dolls, i would love one as a gift!  but it depends on the taste of the recipient...(you can see mine in my nursery pics in my bio)...love 'em!  it's definitely something different.  i know off the registry is most helpful, but i think since most people will buy clothes and blankets, something special like a doll that the child may keep forever is really thoughtful.
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  • Anything off the registry!
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