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Does anyone know of a weight lifting routine for pregnant woman?  My last pregnancy, I couldn't find anything that worked.  It was either too light or too heavy.  I am looking for something better this time - like a split routine for pregnant women.  Thanks.

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  • Let me know if you find anything. I've never seen a routine published in a magazine, but there might be some DVDs with programs if you are looking for ideas. ?

    ?I've seen some general guidelines here:


    ?I'm just doing my pre-pregnancy routine with a few modifications. I no longer work to failure and dropped my heavy set. After the fourth month I also stopped exercises that require me to lie on my back and sought out alternatives. For example, I stopped bench presses and either do push ups or a machine chest press as a replacement exercise.?I also do more exercises seated instead of standing.?

    I lift twice a week for about 30 minutes -- one day for upper body and one day for lower. And I do ab work both days.?



  • Have you checked out fit pregnancy website or magazine? I swear one of the issues had a lifting routine for preg. Maybe go to the library for back issues. I continued to do my firm tapes and added a few preg tapes and just modified the weights as I got bigger.
  • I just do my pre-pregnancy routine minus anything where I was lying on my stomach or my back.
  • I also just do the same pre-pregnancy routine, however for some I have lowered the weight but otherwise, I'm still doing everything I was already doing.  Unless it feels funny or "different" I won't do it. 
  • Ditto above posters. I'm just doing my pre-pregnancy routine minus stomach/back stuff. If you aren't sure, personal trainers at your gym can be a great resource. They let me know that for my legs, I can still do many exercises -  like lunges.
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