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Postpartum Depression

Is it sort of like manic-depression?

Hi Ladies - New here. Been struggling with PPD for a few weeks now, I think. It kind of came out of the blue and hit me like a ton of bricks. Some days, I'm great - in fact, I am on cloud nine, blissed out with all the fun baby stuff & the holidays and all that. The next, I get a sinking feeling in my stomach and get so anxious and so cranky, I'm worse than my infant. I didn't know that PPD could have these ups and downs, its almost like a text book case of manic depression. Is this normal PPD?

Re: Is it sort of like manic-depression?

  • Hello and welcome!

    The crazy ups and downs are very normal with PPD.  You will have good days and bad days.  Some days I am in the depths of despair...completely unable to function.  I have called off work and called my mom to watch Allie so I could just hide in bed all day and cry.  It is embarassing to admit, but some days those evil sad feelings just overwhelm me like that.  Other days I feel like I am on top of the world and must be cured.  And then sometimes I go from one extreme to the other in the same day.

    Have you seen a doctor about your symptoms yet?  If not, please do.  They can diagnose you and get you on the path to feeling better.  Good luck to you!  I wish you the best!  We will be here for you.

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  • It's all in the hormones my friend.

    If you weren't Manic/Depressive prior to PG, most likely you aren't bi-polar as a result.  

    I suggest going to get a temporary anxiety reducing medication like Klonopin and start a very small dose taken several times a day, just to even you out.

    Please consult your doctor and know you are not alone.  Your biochemicals are transitioning right now and times of up and down moods are very common and disturbing at best.

    Take time to relax and practice deep breathing.

    Good Luck and Hugs.  It will get better.

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  • My dad is bipolar and so is my MIL. 

    The "up" of bipolar disorder/manic depression is marked by grandiose ideas (you have the answer to world peace), excitement, irritability, restlessness, less need for sleep, yet feeling very energetic, talking fast, wildly spending money without considering the consequences (buying 30 assorted baseball hats in one day), having racing thoughts, over the top friendliness (meeting someone in the elevator and taking them to lunch) and a tendency to make unattainable or impulsive plans (starting to drive to work and instead drive to Florida from NJ). BTW, all the stuff in the parentheses are actual things my father has done.

    Your up mood sounds normal. Of course having a brand new baby will make you happy, and everyone has moments of holiday joy (in between fighting the crowds). Although sometimes when you are truly depressed, normal feels so up it's confusing.

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