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Postpartum Depression

Does this sound right?

I have a friend who is saying she has PPD as well. Some of things she has been telling me kind of don't make sense though. She's kind of a known drama queen and hypochondriac. I'd never call her out on this but I'm just wondering if you think some of the things she is saying sound "off" to you guys.

1) She has no history of depression/anxiety. Her doctor started her on 200 mg of Zoloft ( I think that's what she is on not 100% sure now ). I don't know if it's just because we are on different medications but I'm only on 60 mg of prozac, had a history of depression, thoughts of suicide and hurting my daughter, and was even hospitalized so her dosage seems HIGH to me.

2) She says her doctor thinks she developed PPD because her baby was a preemie. Her child was born at 37 wk and some days and over 7 lbs with no health problems.

3) She says her doctor didn't recommend counseling because it would "just be pointless anyways"

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Re: Does this sound right?

  •  These statements do sound "off" to me.

    Well, you can't really compare dosages of different meds, but 200mg of Zoloft would be ridiculously high.  Especially because you start off on a lower dose and then increase it after 2 weeks.  I started off on 25mg and then went to 50mg after 2 weeks.  I was later increased to 100mg.  I really doubt a doctor would start someone off on 200mg.

    A premature birth can be a factor in developing PPD, but you are right...her baby isn't a preemie by much.  Were there some sort of traumatic events with the birth?  Did she have a complicated pregnancy? 

    Also, I doubt a doctor would say counseling is pointless.  Mine have encouraged me to seek counseling.  I just haven't yet.

    Good luck with your friend.  I am sorry if she is saying these things to you just to be dramatic, or because she feels like she is some sort of competition with you.  Maybe she misinterpreted some things, maybe not.  Hopefully you can look past it and focus on feeling better yourself.  Best wishes!

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