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Postpartum Depression

so depressed today

Maybe cuz I drank too much wine last night.  Dumped my bm for the first time.  I made that decision at 3am when I woke to feed LO and felt like crap.  Scary cuz when I pumped it I had every intention of feeding it to her the next day. 

Getting stressed about Christmas - we are having dinner here.  I thought that would be easier but now Im not so sure. Still have all the wrapping to do too.  I planned to do that today but have no ambition.  Also need to get LO's present from the mall.  I really hope I get some motivation tomorrow.

Going back to work in January.  Getting stressed about that too.  They sent me something I need to work on this week too - like I need another thing to worry about.  I have no idea how I am going to do my job when I go back.  I need to work one day from home.  I am lucky if I get enough time to shower most days.

Hopefully I'll be in a better mood tomorrow.   Thanks for listening. It helps just to vent a little.

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