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Tips for sensory/anxiety kid getting a cast off

Matthew's getting his cast off on the 29th.  The place we took him to has a casting room so while he was getting his on someone was gettign theirs off.  He freaked.  I don't have an Ipod otherwise I'd just download songs for him and have him listen to it.  Any other tips?

Re: Tips for sensory/anxiety kid getting a cast off

  • I got Zach to sit through a haircut (he has a lot of sensory defensiveness with his head/face) by showing him a DVD on a portable DVD player.  If you don't have a DVD player, you could also use a laptop with a DVD drive.  Most have jacks for headphones, if you are concerned about drowning out noise.

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  • Thanks!  That could help with Chris and getting his hair cut!  I usually have to hold him to get it done.
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  • My brother was more anxious about getting cast off of his feet. Not sure, what kind of cast it is, but they cut off my brother's cast with scissors. He was more scared of the machine than the noise.
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