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Such a weight off

DS had his eval with EI 10 days ago. Friday I got a call from the PT assigned to his's the PT that treated his torticollis at our hospital! I am so super excited because she's so wonderful. The very best part is that she's going to come on Saturdays so I can participate (I work full time) and see how he's doing. With DH being deployed, this is extra nice because I can see first hand what's going on and tell him myself so it will be more accurate than a third person account.?

?He also has a speech pathologist that is going to do a consult to see what we can do to maybe stimulate the muscles of his mouth, but that's a once every two months thing.??


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Re: Such a weight off

  • That great that it's someone you know and that they can come Saturdays!  We were able to get an early appt but we still have to go in late to work once a week so it's tough.  It will definitely make you feel good to be there, plus they give you a lot of PT homework to do so it's great to learn what to do firsthand.  

    We also just started talking about oral stimulation because my daughter still has a tongue thrust and isn't comfortable eating from a spoon so we have already gotten some good ideas for stimulation using the gum massager and our fingers to massage her face and mouth. 

  • Awesome that you got a Saturday appt!

    As far as the oral muscles issue...can you get an OT eval for feeding therapy possibly?

    My boy got some feeding therapy through our OT, because he was so picky and gagged at a lot of his food. It helped a great deal and it was more often ...2x week before he turned 3 years old.

    Once every 2 months seems like very little frequency to have any effect...just my opinion, though. I don't know anything about your case. Maybe you can ask about that??

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