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Acting happy for pg people. (A vent)

I think I deserve a big, gold star for last night's performance.  A woman in our circle announced that she is pg with twins last night at our monthly get together.  She and I aren't particularly close, she kind of grates on my nerves, but she was told that she'd never be able to have kids.  I am not exactly sure what her issue is, but she has crazy cycles and doesn't ovulate regularly.  She had tried w/o success with her 1st H and then got pg the 1st cycle trying with her new H (DH's BF) He was their little miracle boy.  She and I were both on clomid at the same time and I think we have been trying for the same amount of time.  She said she was on clomid for 12 cycles!  Isn't that crazy?  Oh well, I guess who cares since it worked?  So I am 75% jealous and 25% happy because it does give me hope. 

Maybe it will be good luck for me.  I am having good mucus a few days early.  

(This also means that they will have their twins before the big wedding in Italy.  So her DH is going and leaving her home with 2 1/2 month old twins and a 4 yr old.  Yikes!  My DH better not do that to me!)

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Re: Acting happy for pg people. (A vent)

  • I hate that sting, and then forcing the smile when you just want to pout and cry. No matter where you are in your IF journey, pregnancy announcements seem to be painful.

    It is good that you can see it as a source of hope overall though. 

  • I am so sorry you are feeling this way. I have been feeling jealous of others lately myself. It's very hard not to be bitter while still being happy for others...and as the clock keeps ticking and more time goes by I can't help feeling more bitter.  I just wanted to wish you good luck!!!!!
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  • I know the feeling... it seems like everyone is announcing their pregnancies, especially in the last month or so... including 2 of my cousins! 
  • The only person I have not felt that way about was my best friend.  She'd been TTC for 11 months. I was thrilled for her and still am.
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