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Wow... this board is hoppin'!

Re: Wow... this board is hoppin'!

  • Agreed!  I am actually not a SF mama, but I live in Pierre-this was the closest I could find in SD!!  This site is driving me kind of crazy right now-I can't figure out where my ticker is, or how to get the cute little pics on my page!!!

  • Right there with ya.  (in Rapid City)
  • If only there were more of us.

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  • Hi ladies (all three or four of you!)

    I was born and raised in SD (Yankton ) and am more fond of SD now than I ever was growing up there so I was shocked to see that the bump actually included SD.... as we are usually excluded from so many things. I live in the Mpls/St Paul area and frequently come home to visit my parents and was interested in what my fellow SD preggo's were up to.

  • This board hasn't existed for very long. Yay! Glad you guys are here. I'm in Rapid City and expecting my first in less than 6 weeks!
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  • yep.

    I'm in Rapid City too.


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  • I am in Mitchell.  Nice to meet you all!
  • I'm in Brookings. Awesome to have other SD moms! This is my first and we're so excited!
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  • I'm just outside of Sioux Falls.  I'm glad we have this board, even if there are only a handful of us : )
  • I haven't been on here in ages but this board never existed before!  They must have finally decided to add more local boards!
  • We live in Elk Point.  Nice to have a board just for South Dakota, even if there aren't many of us!
  • I grew up in RC and now live in metro DC area.  I miss home!!!!!!!!!!!!  Can I be an honorary member???  :)  Glad to see SD represented finally!
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