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1st tri, haven't done much - ok to start?

Hi ladies -

I used to walk a few miles each day (to and from campus) prior to getting pregnant (this is my second).  I haven't done much due to morning sickness (all day is more like it!), fatigue and now the cold.  Any tips/recomendations for starting now?  I think if I take it easy and just start walking again, it will be ok.  Maintain my heartrate, drink h2O, and thing else?  Also, do you think it would be too much to also incorporate a Prenatal Yoga DVD?  I haven't done yoga in about a year, though I've done it on and off for a number of years.


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Re: 1st tri, haven't done much - ok to start?

  • I would ask your doctor, but most of the articles I've read say it's ok to walk and do prenatal yoga unless you have other complications.
  • Prior to getting pg with DD I used to exercise 5X/week.  I had morning sickness up until about 15 weeks, and never worked out.  I jumped back into it after that............walking, elliptical, lifting weights....etc.  I would ask your doctor, but if you did it prior to getting pg, you should be fine.  Good luck!

  • Walking should be fine, just make sure you don't over do it.  Just start out with a shorter distance and keep on adding on little by little.  Studies show that exercising while pregnant not only benefits the mother, but the baby as well.
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