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Postpartum Depression

PPD vs Normal stress

How can you tell when its PPD and not just the normal stress of being a new parent?   I've been hesitant to call a doctor, because I don't want to just get put on pills if I don't really need them.   So if you don't mind answering, what was it for you that made you realize you had PPD and not just "normal" new parent stress?

Thank you in advance

Re: PPD vs Normal stress

  • It's much more intense than my normal stress levels. It's to the point where I don't know if I can do this. I don't know that I have an option, but I just wish I could close my eyes and make parenthood go away. I hate feeling like that, but I do sometimes. Today I've done nothing but sleep and wake up to feed my baby...
  • PPD didn't really hit me until DS was almost 5 months old.  I am still dealing with it/taking medication.  It takes 6 weeks for it to work but sometimes I just wish that I could have a whole week to myself and just not take care of a baby.  It will get better the older LO gets though.
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  • I figured I was just 'hormonal' and didn't really have any "A-HA" moments when I said you know I think I may have PPD... actually the moodiness just persisted to a point that I started to research PPD and when I found this website and read the symptoms is when I realized that I had a handful of them on each list and so I called the doc... check it out it may help you define what you're going through.



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  • My PPD hit pretty hard and fast. I was discharged from delivering on Monday and back in the hospital on Wednesday with PPD. I wasn't eatting, didn't want to shower/take care of myself or the baby. I only wanted to sleep all day but couldnt and felt totally out of it, like my baby wasn't actually "mine". There is a big difference in PPD and normal new mother stress, but doctors can help you with figuring it out. If you think you may need help, then see your doctor asap. It's better to talk to someone now and figure things out than to wait. I ended up being admitted to the behavioral health unit for two nights while I was observed on meds. I missed those two nights with my newborn and DH and it was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I am back to feeling like myself now and am so glad I was strong enough to ask for help.
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