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Postpartum Depression

will this ever get better?

my dh and i didn't really think we wanted kids. i was just starting to come around to the idea when i got pregnant on accident. during my pregnancy, i tried to get excited, but now my LO is 9 weeks old and i'm miserable. i dread the future. i don't like being a new mother. i feel trapped and depressed. on top of that, i feel guilty because i know my daughter is beautiful and sweet and just a dream. not hard at all. fussy sometimes, but usually so good. i know the problem is with me. i'm exhausted, depressed, anxious, and i feel suffocated. i've been diagnosed with PPD and PTSD.

will this ever get better? will i ever be one of those moms who relishes every moment of it? or will it be like this forever?



Re: will this ever get better?

  • yes it will get better!

    I hate the newborn stage. It was awful for me. And when you're in it - it seems like it lasts forever. But when you look back on it - it seems like just a little blip!

     I didn't bond with DD right away. It was a gradual process that took months. I can't remember exactly when things started changing. But I can tell you now that I am LOVING the older baby/toddler stage. And DD and I are inseperable. Obviously there are still moments that I do not relish but it is NOTHING like it was in the beginning. It will get better. Just keep trudging along. It will get better.... gradually. And then one day you will realize that you ARE "relishing every moment" of it. Hang in there.

    DD 4yo DS 1yo
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